[Video] Crossover – Christian Rigal

Christian Rigal Brings Fresh Ideas and a New Perspective to Mountain Biking, Inspired by His BMX Roots.


Christian Rigal is becoming a household name in the mountain bike community for his fast paced, all-out approach to riding. His history in BMX is undeniable with some of the most stand out video parts of a generation but his new passion for MTB is a breeding ground for creativity and a chance to look at the world with fresh perspective. Rigal’s latest video part ‘CROSSOVER’ is his interpretation of how to ride a trail bike and what you can build when you collaborate and bring together a group of like-minded friends.

To the purists, his different approach to riding might feel like a far cry from the more traditional side of mountain biking, but for Christian, it’s been a refreshing new way to push himself and see what’s possible on a big bike. “What started as a blank canvas on a friend’s property quickly turned into a BMX inspired MTB zone. Using an old Church foundation from 1876 as our centrepiece, we went to work for 9 days on the tools and machines to make this crossover dream build a reality. Five Ten let me run wild with this and I can’t thank them enough for trusting me and my vision for this project. Opportunities like this are rare and I am stoked to have had the chance to bring some of these crazy ideas to life, and hoping it inspire others to look at things differently and do the same!” – Christian Rigal

After countless days of prep and brainstorming, Rigal worked with the Shire Built crew alongside a talented list of friends who worked tirelessly to bring their shared vision to life. Behind the lens, Christian brought BMX legend in his own right, Darryl Tocco into the project to bring a more traditional BMX/Skate perspective to the edit.

“This project would not have been possible without Matt and Lex who allowed us to use their land, along with the collective efforts of all my friends. I hope this video inspires others to get out and make the most of your surroundings! You don’t need a mountain to ride mountain bikes.” – Christian Rigal

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