[Video] Atherton Diaries – World Champs

Australia is fraught with danger! In the run up to World Champs Rachel takes us exploring in Cairns, she survives the threats of the jungle, the jellyfish and the crocs but the perils of the track are just days away… Kade goes crazy in Kuranda and Gee comes over all Austin Powers! Back in the Dyfi, Dan’s Skatepark is still a work in progress but Dan and Muddy have been digging for weeks so they soon decide to take a break from branding the ramps – it’s a good job that Muddy has his XC lid! The team love the Cairns track and Rach is stoked to be riding so strongly and feeling back to her old self but in timed training disaster –strikes – Rach goes down hard and its local heros Mick and Tracey Hannah walk her to safety … Kade also goes down hard, the team coach and rehab team rule that he’s not fit for Finals so it’s all eyes on Gee… Watch Geeman’s scorching run, all the more remarkable given that he dislocated his hip just 3 months ago – 18th place and fully fired up for next year!


Credit: Credit: Atherton Diaries

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