[Video] Carosello 3000 Mountain Park With New trails



[Press release] Carosello 3000 Livigno continues with the construction of  its innovative trail network of flow style mountain biking trail , considered the new frontier in the mountain bike universe. The  20 km of new flowcountry trails (in addition to other 20 km of existing mule paths) will be accessible from Saturday, June 25th. The inauguration of a new flow trail going through the woods is scheduled for the same date.

The flow-trails  are constructed in a symphony of turns, berms, rollers and  rhythmic jumps, while the slope is never more than 10 degrees. From beginners, families to pro riders everybody can ride and enjoy these trails according to their own skill level. This new purpose-built type trail network is based on speed and rhythm ensuring the required safety to beginners, and a roller coaster sensation to expert bikers (see all the trails).

“Early Rider Multi-passes” have been already available on Carosello 3000’s website; these  non-consecutive multi-day tickets (therefore usable during  the whole summer season) can be purchased online before the opening date saving up to 30% of the value.


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