[First Look] Renthal 35mm Bar/Stem Lineup

[First Look] Renthal 35mm Bar/Stem Lineup

Ian Collins, 08/06/2016
Ian Collins, 08/06/2016


Legendary UK Motocross and MTB parts manufacturer Renthal have finally gone into the world of 35mm for their world renowned handlebars and stems. We just had a pair show up at our door as part of an upcoming “Dream Bike” feature. Pics of our new bar and stem are below along with specs. It should be noted that Renthal are offering their entire lineup with the new sizing; Aluminum and Carbon Fiber handlebars in both widths as well as both the Integra Direct mount and the Apex stems.


Our new Fatbar Carbon/Integra 35mm combo.


Cutting guides graphics.


Fatter and Wider

Not only did the bars and stems go from 31.8 to 35mm; the new Fatbar and Fatbar Carbon went from 780mm width to a full 800mm width.  The Fatbar Lite and Fatbar Lite Carbon also went from 740 to 760 which should suit a broader range of trail riders.  Per usual, Renthal have easy to use guides for trimming in 10mm increments.



High quality machining and hardware, plus a 6 bolt configuration. Simpler, lighter, less fuss.


35mm bulge on the bar; notice the inner surface of the stem clamps are radiused to reduce stress risers on the bar.

Stem SpecsScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.35.48 AM

Handlebar SpecsScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.35.22 AM


Fatbar Carbon 35 : $164.95
Fatbar 35 : $84.95
Fatbar Lite Carbon 35 : $164.95
Fatbar Lite 35 : $84.95
Integra 35 Stem : $109.95
Apex 35 Stem : $109.95

Fatbar handlebars


Fatbar Carbon


Aluminum Fatbar


Fatbar Carbon Lite


Aluminum Fatbar Lite

Apex Stems

stm120[001] apex35-group-6 apex35-10 apex35-group-3


stm116[001] integra35-4 integra35-5 stm113[001]