[Video] Commençal Presents the new Supreme DH 29

Direct from the race tracks of the 2017 UCI DH World Cup, Commençal now offers the public the new Supreme DH 29. It’s based on the 27.5″ version of the Supreme DH V4.2, and  the Andorran company has revised the frame with several details to adapt to 29″ wheels and take full advantage of their potential.


The reach sees an increase and the HPP suspension system remains with some improvements to construction. It’s still a single pivot with a high pivot and pulley to reduce chain growth and optimize anti-squat and reduce pedal feedback.


• A frame specifically developed for bigger wheels
• Extended Reach
• 205mm of travel
• Metric Standard
• Enduro Bearings

Fully revised rocker construction for added strength and stiffness. The rocker shock axle diameter is now 10mm. This helps strengthen the axle and combined with an alloy insert, it prevents loosening.


Progressivity curve remodeled to provide more support and grip and to avoid violent bottom outs.

New brake caliper mount: The caliper position has been optimised and designed to work together with a 200mm disc. The rear wheel axle is tightened with a pinch-bolt to prevent loosening.


Spec & Pricing

Photos: JB Liautard


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