[Video] #FollowCamFriday – Colorado MegaRide

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What is MegaRide? In a nutshell, 18 people depart Boulder on Friday afternoon on a bus, travel to Nederland, have food and beers in town and climb to a backcountry hut in the dark, and spend the night. On Saturday morning, nursing hangovers, the 18 tired travelers head over Rollins Pass and descend to Winter Park for a day of smashing bike park laps. After that, pizza and beer of course, before spending the night in winter park. Begin day 3, Sunday, reasonably hung over, eat food, pedal back over Rollins Pass and take the creative way back to Boulder. 12 hours, 65 miles, 14 flat tires, many snacks later, and we arrived in town just in time for Nepalese food and more beer. 4th annual MegaRide complete. Death before DNF. If this doesn’t inspire you to go out and do some dumb shit this weekend, I don’t know what will. Long live, long days with good friends. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people, and I will never take that for granted. End description. Nate

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