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Why kids Belong on Mountain Bikes


Television, Internet, Social Media – kids spend so much time surfing the digital wave that they sometimes threaten to swim away from us. The best counter-current mechanism is to get them moving out into the fresh air, preferably on a mountain bike. Mountain biking means freedom, adventure – and fun!

Mountain biking is the fastest and most effective way for kids to let off steam – and to get to know themselves better at the same time. Mountain biking is all about being outside, not inside, being active, being authentic, not virtual. But most importantly, mountain biking is just a lot of fun! Kids love trying new things, measuring themselves against their peers, playing together. So when they are playing on their mountain bikes, our children are the Zen masters of flow. Omm!

The greatest toy in the world – and the most natural playground in the world

On their bikes, kids discover new horizons. Best of all: nature’s playground doesn’t charge an entry fee or close at five o’clock on the dot. Outdoors you learn life lessons. Rear derailleur bent? Then your journey home will take a little longer. The experiences that children get on their bikes in the great outdoors are direct and consistent. Not like the second-hand experiences they get from gaming consoles. There’s nothing quite like experiencing things for themselves.

Pedaling off together: it’s a win-win situation for parents and children

Biking is fun for children AND parents! Sharing it with your family is one of the best things ever. “Bike tours, which used to be really dull for me, are suddenly a whole load of fun with the kids,” says Holger Meyer, a professional biker for 30 years and father of two. His wife Karen, a former bike racer, says: “What have I learned through my children? Not to take myself so seriously, to be patient, to abandon carefully forged plans. What have I got in return? Happiness!”

Independence Days: mountain biking is a declaration of independence for kids

On a bike, the world no longer ends behind the house, but on the other side of the woods or even the other side of the mountains! With every bike ride, youngsters increase the distance from their parents – and expand their horizons. So: Get out of your comfort zone and head off into the great unknown! The consequences of these adventures: kids become more self-reliant – and an invisible centimeter taller.

Mountain biking is the healthiest thing we can give to our children

Mountain biking is healthy. Hardly any other sport has such a positive impact on endurance, speed and balance as biking. Kids have a natural desire to be outdoors. But not to go hiking. Biking is more fun. It demands fitness AND coordination. And makes you healthier. When children are glossy-eyed from all the chatting and gaming, just send them outside on their bikes. Get up off the cushions and into the saddle, off onto the next mini adventure!



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