[Video] Hittin’ the Gym w/ Nino Schurter

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Setting the pace on the steepest climbs, charging the final sprint over the finish line and whipping jumps mid World Cup battle is what Nino Schurter is famous for. Some things you cannot learn, though, everything else is based on a strong physical preparation as the foundation to realize world class performances whenever needed.


In this all-new series, World Champion Nino Schurter talks us through concrete workouts and training exercises targeting the core aspects of every biker’s fitness. These are routines he has developed together with his training team and internalized himself over the years of his career. Race proven, there is something here for every rider out there!  He also provides deep insights into professional training measurements by making them understandable and adaptable to everyone’s everyday workout.

What are you waiting for? With these indoor training exercises featured in Ep. 1 there is no better time than now to become FITTER, FASTER and STRONGER with Nino Schurter.

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