[Video] Kona – Double Vision



Double Vision from Kona Bikes on Vimeo.

Rise and shine sleepy heads.
It’s time to grab your new carbon Hei Hei and ride.
But what side of the bed will you get up on?
Possibly you’re like ‘Race Spencer’ who is awake before the alarm even goes off on Race day and enjoys a well-balanced breakfast that will help propel him on his new Carbon Hei Hei Race DL from the start line to the finish.
Or maybe you’re more of a ‘Trail Spencer’ who slept in a little, loaded up on Bacon, flashed a little steez on a new all-carbon Hei Hei DL and is looking for Instagram likes while enjoying a post-ride parking lot beer.
Take another look, the versatile Carbon Hei Hei platform is built for whatever your style, or your ride has in store.

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