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When you say Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, what do you imagine? Definitely luxury, super warm weather, oil, luxury hotels, indoor skiing, tallest building in the world, expensive cars and perhaps lots of more, coming from the incredible wealth of the country on the Arabian peninsula.

It is obvious most of the visitors go to the Emirates because of the pleasant climate in the country, especially in the autumn and spring. Warm sea, plenty of resorts, water parks and other theme parks, safety and then luxury.


The northern and eastern part of the United Arab Emirates is more hilly. Dubai itself has not so many terrain to ride but lot of cyclists are there anyway. For mountain biking trails, you have to drive a bit longer by car. The best terrain offers the mountain area on the border with Oman, the town of Shawka and Hatta.

Hatta trails are specific in the surface, which is dry, slippery and rocky. Some passages are reinforced with concrete, some are a footbridge or a wooden flap. At Hatta there are more than 50 kilometers of trails, in four difficulty levels. The red and black technical trails are the best choise for more aggressive style of riding.  If you are interested in not so traditional bike sites, this may be your next destination for riding.

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