[Video] New Trail In Livigno Now Has A Name – Open Aug. 14



[Press Release] The new mountain bike trail has a name: Hutr Dream. The bikers  themselves have chosen it proposing and voting for their favourite names on the website of the mountain park. Despite the proposals made by giants of mountain biking as Hans “No Way” Rey, Marco Aurelio Fontana, Maja Wloszczowska, Gioele Bertolini and trail-biker Vittorio Brumotti,  the winners  are the boys from MTB club Hutr (organizers  of West Coast Inferno as well), who voted en masse a name that represents them cause “this trail is a dream for us”.


The trail HUTR Dream will be officially opened on Friday, August 14. It is still  a flow trail but tougher  than previous “Coast to Coast” and “Roller Coaster”. The trail is very fast and flowing,  distinguished by wide  banked turns  and large rounded bumps that will ensure the great air-time to more experienced bikers.
The mountain bike project of Carosello 3000 envisages a riding concept that is never extreme and is suitable for those who want to experience the mountains and mountain biking with a feeling of freedom (do you know about the
instagram contest #theMountainIsFreedom?). The project aims  to make Livigno a full spectrum MTB location, but also to bring a growing number of people closer to MTB, contributing  considerably to the tourism and bike industry.

Hutr Dream will raise to 15 the numer of km of new trails opened  by Carosello 3000 this season, in addition to the existing network (cross-country style) of the same length  and to the numerous trails reserved exclusively for hikers and runners. It is a further confirmation that Carosello 3000 has become one of the Italian and European mountain areas with lifts-system which is  more organized for summer and winter outdoor sports.


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