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“When the day of the race arrives, I know we have examined everything and for this I trust the choices I make. I think that technical guidance, trust, strength and power can make the difference.” – Kate Courtney

Full Send
Sometimes you have to go back to go ahead. What did it mean for Kate Courtney this season? Master the simplest and most essential elements, such as curves and technique so that, regardless of what happens on the track, she is able to respond with confidence and strength. Full Send has guided Kate towards an objective technical progress this season in the SCOTT-SRAM team, all under the guidance of Thomas Frischkneckt.

Technical Skills
Coming from the United States and going to the Mountain Bike at the Elite level has meant competing with technically experienced Europeans who are used to tackling challenging routes in various conditions. For Kate, working with Thomas Frischknecht was an opportunity to focus on mastering the technical features and skills, such as turning, to save every fraction of a second in the race.

Line Choice
Whether on the World Cup track or on the local trail, the choice of the line is everything. This is why one of the most important parts of Kate and Thomas’s work is reconnaissance on the track to discuss the various options. Together they can explore the best options so that Kate knows exactly every curve on race day.

No Room for Error
At the top, there is no room for error, regardless of conditions. That’s why during the season, Kate’s training is based on testing herself in many different situations. This means spending time in the gym working on conventional exercises, such as leg strength and explosive power, but also through “fun” exercises like the balance board that help to reinforce in ways that, by riding a bicycle, would not be possible. All this work translates into safety, power and strength to always give the best, whatever the conditions on the track lap after lap.

“It stands out for being an altar who learns fast, always wants to do things better.” – Thomas Frischknecht

Push and Pull
The young talent meets the wisdom of experience. This collaboration between coach and cyclist in doing the reconnaissance of the track, to understand which lines to take, allows Kate to be more aware of the race day. Going back and forth, looking creatively at the track to know every detail of it is one of the things that Kate values ​​most about the Frischi method.

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