[Video] S-Works Epic Hardtail

[Words by Specialized] In 1990, we turned the mountain bike world on its head when we launched the Epic Ultimate, a bike so far ahead of its time that the process and price limited the number of bikes being produced to only 100-per-year. Under Ned Overend, the reward was next to immediate, with a win at the very first Mountain Bike World Championships. Today, the new S-Works Epic Hardtail stands for the same things as it did 27 years ago—to be at the pinnacle of XC performance. No excuses. It’s the lightest mountain bike we’ve ever made. How light? It weighs as much (or as little) as a full 24oz Purist® water bottle. Think about that for a second. The complete bike weighs as little as 18 pounds, or just over 8 kilos. Bike Industry: take note. The bar has been raised, again.

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