[Video] Slopestyle ain’t Dead w/ Louis Reboul

For Louis Reboul, Châtel is like a second home. The resort for the past three years has held a slopestyle event named after the man himself. When Louis is not building the Reboul Jam course with his crew, he is spending his time up in the mountain, finding new lines, showing some love to old ones and perfecting his tricks.


With the old Mountain Style zone at the top of the Bikepark and the add-ons built by Nico Vink over the last few years, Châtel has loads of big hits to challenge yourself and progress. For Louis, it’s no different and he has pushed himself real hard for this edit, with the desire to step up his game. He crashed hard on the first day on his key feature but came back stronger and even more determined to land perfectly what he had planned.

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