[Gallery] LooseFest XL: Literally HUGE!

[Gallery] LooseFest XL: Literally HUGE!

Ian Collins, 24/07/2019
Ian Collins, 24/07/2019

The event that more than any other represents the term “going huge” is LooseFest XL in Malmedy, Belgium, home of the rider and creator of the event, the crazy and brilliant Nico Vink. Here are some data and images that tell the LooseFest XL story in 2019:

The numbers
• Gap length up to 30 meters 
• Jump lengths up to 67 meters 
• Certified maximum speed of 75km / h

The awards
• Best Line: Andreu Lacondeguy 
• Best Whip: Kade Edwards 
• Best style: Bas van Steenbergen 
• Loose King and Long Mark: Remy Morton 
• Best Trick: Connor Macfarlane

• Adolf Silva: fracture of the femur 
• Damon Iwanaga: fracture of the clavicle 
• Szymon Godziek: dislocated shoulder