[Video] Spreading Happiness 2 – Groms Shred La Fenasosa

After building some lines last year, Nico Vink wanted to return to build even more trails and jumps, and firmly place La Fenasosa Bike Park at the top of our list of dream riding locations.


La Fenasosa bikepark is a bit of a passion project for Nico, as he does all the building work purely out of his love for spreading the stoke that has made him a lifelong lover of two wheels. The park park is located in the Alicante region of Spain, and it’s terrain, and climate make it a perfect winter home for Nico to build to his hearts content.

Brothers, Raul and Emric Schneeberger, are lucky enough to shred with Nico on the regular, and its not hard to see Nico’s trademark style rubbing off on them. One of the coolest parts of Nico’s builds, is they have a ton of room for progression, and riding with multiple people all at once. Because they have so many transfers and line options, they can be ridden and enjoyed by a wide range of skill levels, from people new to jumping, all the way to someone like Nico.

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