[Video] Steps to the Top – Miranda Miller



Miranda Miller: “I was having a pretty good run, I think. I was feeling pretty good — a few little mistakes but nothing major. And then I just kind of came into a corner where you have to turn across a rock, and it was covered in loose dust and dirt and I just…it was one of those crashes that happens instantly — you don’t feel it coming.

“And then, yeah, I slid down on my back for a bit, and then got up and was kind of — I don’t know…I went through waves of like, it’s over, and then oh, no, still push….

“It’s pretty disappointing. This is one race I definitely want to do well in. I mean…you want to do well in every race, but this one just means a little bit more.”

SRAM: Tell us about that — why does this mean a little bit more?

MM: “It’s pretty close to home. I live in Squamish, and it’s always been…an iconic race for me. Growing up watching Stevie [Smith] win it all the time…I’ve never won it, and I want to be one of those people who win it.

“Yeah…always next year.”

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