[Racing] Val Di Sole World Championships Practice Gallery



Great first day of practice in Val di Sole, the track is very complex, broken down and line choice is tough. Most of the comments overheard are that it is really physical and requires a ton of fitness and mental strength.  These are the images from our first day in the Italian mountains.COP_9847Finn Iles had a  very rough day in the office; suffering a very serious concussion after a huge crash.  It’s unclear whether or not he will participate in the race on Sunday.COP_9944 Danny Hart is the favorite for this race, he’s won three consecutive races and will not be willing to give up a fraction of a second.DSC_5917 At the beginning of the track there a wooden road gap, that’s about 4 meters long and easy to clear without pedaling.COP_9976 We saw Mick hannah pass by about 7 times.  He’s been getting some serious practice time in…COP_0002 In typical form, Remi Thirion is taking face melter lines that just don’t make sense.  Easily one of the most exciting dudes to watch. COP_0009Marcelo Gutierrez’ new kit is basically a wearable Colombian flag.  Nice to see him pinning it after coming off of a solid result in Vallnord. COP_0049Loris Vergier starting the LONG journey to the bottom of the track.COP_0179 Yannick Wende is the first rider in the history of Bolivia to participate in a World Championship DH race. DSC_6005 Brutally dusty condtions…COP_0106Martin Maes after finishing the race on Sunday will have to travel to Valberg for the EWS round.  He’s definitely gnarly.COP_0175 There are so many different lines on the track and practice is rough with so many riders on track and dust lingering.COP_0182 White bike, white kit.  Troy’s pinned and loving it.COP_0171Sam Blenkinsop is very focused on the World Championship, especially since his race ended in Vallnord with DNF as the result of a huge crash that made the race come to a halt for a moment.COP_0273 There are so many roots on the track, it’s hard to put into words.  COP_0236Loic Bruni wants to back up his World Champs win in Vallnord last year, but with Danny Hart on a hot streak and Gwin’s history on this track, it will certainly be difficult.COP_0264  The first day of training finishes accompanied by a golden light coming subtly through the trees of Val di Sole. For the next few days the forecast suggests that there will be rain but it’s uncertain.  That would definitely shake things up a bit…stay tuned.

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