[Video] Tomáš Slavík Wins Valparaiso Cerro Abajo – Results & Winning Run

We’re currently waiting for an exclusive photo gallery from Claudio Olguin from Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, but for now enjoy Red Bull’s video of Tomáš Slavík’s winning run at Valparaiso. Below is the official statement with the results.


More than 20,000 fans filled the World Heritage city hills during the 16th edition of Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo in Chile.

Czech rider Tomas Slavík performed another faultless run down the urban city track and was crowned champion for the second year in a row.

Here is all you need to know:

– 35 riders from all over the world took the qualifiers with 15 bikers making it through to the big final.

– The track in the Chilean coastal city of Valparaíso is built overnight so the riders do not get to see it until race day ahead of their runs.

– The top 3 riders were: 1. Tomas Slavik (CZE) 2:42,101, 2. Matt Walker (NZL) 2:42,643, 3. Matías Núñez (CHI) 2:44,504

– The urban downhill track is more technical than your normal downhill dirt track with tighter, scarier turns and hardly any room to crash.

– Riders launch themselves out of someone’s living room to start the spellbinding course that clocks in around 2km (1.24miles).

– They descend from a height of 254.59m (835.26ft) down hundreds of steps at speeds of 45km/h when pedalling and 60km/h without pedalling.

– As well as the steps, riders have to negotiate one thrilling ROOFTOP along with the famous Boccaccio stairs that measure 240m in length.

– After passing Bismarck Square and Atahualpa Street, the riders reach the finish at Aníbal Pinto Square at an altitude of 28.57m (93.74ft).

Results – Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo 2018:

1) Slavik Tomas (CZE) 2:42.101
2) Walker Matt (NZL) +.542
3) Nuñez Matias (CHI)+2.403
4) Gutierrez Marcelo (COL)+3.481
5) Fischbach Johannes (GER)+3.663
6) Kerr Bernard (GBR)+4.466
7) Ferreira Pedro (CHI)+6.294
8) MacDonald Brook (NZL)6.846
9) Nicolas Alberto (CHI)+7.940
10) Agurto Felipe (CHI)+8.781
11) Garcia de Vinuesa Niki (ESP)+12.999
12) De Santiago Santiago (ARG)+18.366
13) Caerols Alejandro (CHI)+21.057
14) Harnstrom Oscar (SWE)+23.938
16) Jaque Milciades (CHI)+39.745
17) Maio Jeremias (ARG)+1:58.111


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