[Video] Vinny T’s Details



Standing next to his bike or sitting in the back of the truck, Vinny T looks like any other rider. 5.10’s. Riding pants and jersey. Helmet and goggles. But on his bike, his feet are twisted and his hands loose and open on the bars. His style is full of weird, tweaky positions. His flow is as twisty as his grip. He corks the bars so far, his feet come off, and he’s bent up with his one- footer out under the post. When he’s pinned, it’s the cockeyed way he floats above the bike while it blasts through the twists or over rocks. For more informations, visit www.shaperideshoot.com.

Video by Shaperideshoot, filmed and edited by Gaëtan Rey and featuring VinnyT.
Music: The Dragon Fly by Paul White. Courtesy of One Handed Music.

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