Watertogo – The Bike Water Bottle with Filter

A few days ago, Watertogo , a British company that produces filter bottles, contacted us. In practice, it manages to remove 99.99% of the impurities present in the water, making it potable. Since I drink from streams in the mountains, I had two products sent to me to test. While waiting for the real thirsty laps, I did a test here in our office. I took some earthy matter from the woods, put it in the bottle along with some fresh Capriasca water, and drank it after passing it through the filter.

I am still alive, I have no stomach ache or squaraus. Check out the short video (yes I know, it’s a dog poop bag, but it’s just dirt):


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Here you will find the specifications of the bottle , currently on offer at € 33.99. A filter manages to purify 200l of water.

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