WC#1 Lourdes: Gee & Rachel Atherton fastest in Timed Training



Back in Lourdes and apparently it’s still fairly cold there. The snow capped peaks are a bit of a giveaway…

But which one of those tire tracks is a 29er? Just kidding…

Gee man was fastest in timed training.

Danny rolled in with the 3rd fastest time of the day just after Bernard Kerr…making for a British top 3.

Aaron Gwin never goes all out in timed training. He’s more calculated than that.

29er problems?

Gee cruised into the fastest time today with Danny Hart and Gwin not far behind. Nice to see Bernard Kerr up there as well. Local racer Remi Thirion could be your dark horse as he knows how to turn it on at home. Connor Fearon cruised into 7th indicating he might be headed toward a nice season…

Rachel rolled down the hill nearly 10 seconds faster than anyone else in practice. Not surprising at all…

Manon Carpenter possibly eyeing up a pretty big gap?

Manon sending said gap and heading into second place. Next up was Emilie Siegenthaler followed by Tahnee Seagrave.

PomPon still finding her speed…

Rachel Atherton  nearly ten seconds later is followed by the usual suspects. After a perfect season last year, it will be very difficult for any of the ladies to slow her momentum.

Finn Iles could be headed toward another dominant season this year by the looks of it. Matt Walker wasn’t bar off though just a second back. Seeding runs will be much more telling…

Finn Iles looking for the fastest exit…

Matt Walker just a second behind in timed training.

Timed Training Lourdes – Elite Men
Timed Training Lourdes – Elite Women
Timed Training Lourdes – Junior Men
Timed Training Lourdes – Junior Women


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