[Gallery] XC World Championships Results and Comment

[Gallery] XC World Championships Results and Comment

Alex Boyce, 06/09/2014
Alex Boyce, 06/09/2014

With a riveting final few laps this years XC world champion has been decided.  Julian Absalon came home in first as world champion after chasing down Nino Schurter between the 3rd and 5th lap. Nino obviously tired by the time he crossed the line in second place after crashing just a little bit before the line in a rare mistake on a technical section. Marco Fontana delighted the crowd and showed his relief as he did a wheelie across the line and came home in third place.

Immagine 006

Absalon crosses the line in first.

Immagine 003

Schurter manges a silver medal as he crosses in 2nd position after a crash.

Immagine 004

Fontana crossed the line in 3rd.

Immagine 013

The moment of Schurter’s crash.

Immagine 009

Fontana obviously happy.

Results – Elite Men

Results – Elite Woman

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