[Video] Transprovence giorno 3: Clementz non molla

Malgrado Nicolas Lau riesca a vincere alcune prove speciali, Jerome Clementz mantiene la prima posizione in classifica dopo 3 giorni di gara, con altri 3 a venire, per 22 secondi di vantaggio. Notare come al 7° e al decimo posto ci siano due XCisti del team Cannondale: Manuel Fumic e il giovane Anton Cooper.


Report Fabien Barel:

What a great weather we had today. We shuttled to the top of the col des champs where an epic view was waiting for us. The blue sky put a huge smile on everyone’s face. The general atmosphere feels super relax and everyone is mainly focus on having fun the bike. The first stage brings us down a dark wood with black dirt and slippery rocks. Coming in the last corner Sven Martin (friend and photographer) we’re shouting at everyone to slow down as the finish bridge was super slippery! A great laught to see everyone coming super slow almost walking to the finish. After that we started a really nice liaison with tight single track and crazy view points above the valley. The colors of autumn are unreal at this period and the blue sky makes it even better.

The temperature is around 18 degrees so just perfect to ride.

Stage 2 was a crazy fast trails with open switch back. Some were quite hard to anticipate. So some sketchy moments happened as you imagine. We kept on going following the valley towards “entraunes” along the river to go up on a really nice area called the grey earth. A unique landscape was a fantastic playground. The stage was incredibly fast and we wish we would have more of that ;-).

Now the day is getting long and we will start a 1 hour carry to reach the last stage. An unknown wood where switch back and fast section are alternating a long a tigr single track.

An overall epic day where Nicolas Lau, Jerome Clementz and myself all stand in 4 second in this order. A tight competition that will go on again until Friday.

The Transprovence is a unique Mtb adventure and I must say it is the core side of our discipline!

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