[Video] Transprovence giorno 5: solo 4 secondi di distacco fra i primi

Solo 4 secondi separano Jerome Clementz e Nicolas Lau dopo 20 prove speciali. Oggi si corre l’ultima tappa della Transprovence 2013, state sintonizzati per sapere chi ha vinto!


Classifica generale dopo 5 giornate.

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Report di Fabien Barel

Today was an epic itinerary alone the maritime alps!

The 4 of stage were absolutely unreal. The Organiser has found a way to link some of the best trails in the area. They’ve been all technical, and hard terrain to read. The effort was needed to focus and keep lucidity with the hard. Even with a chain snap down stage 3, I managed to keep the 3 place of the day and bring myself back in 4th place overall after yesterday mechanical. The 3 place is less than 10 sec ahead after a full week of racing.

Nicolas Lau and Jerome Clementz are fighting for 1st place.

A great day is announce tomorrow with 4 more stage to bring us down to the beach.

It has been a long week so we have to keep our eyes open!

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