Top 5 North American MTB Festivals


Mountain bikers can finally rejoice, summer is here. Along with that comes a host of pretty great riding festivals. North America’s mountain bike scene spreads far and wide, and definitely has it’s fair share of incredible riding. If you’re looking to hit the road and go explore some new terrain while also getting to relax and watch some good racing and lighthearted events, it might be time to consider getting out there. Here, we give you a rundown of some of the best mountain bike festivals in The US and Canada.

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Crankworx – August 8-17

Spanning nearly 10 days with 17 events and races covering all different disciplines, this is probably the most exciting event to be a spectator at. It’s also a pretty huge party! To name a few notorious crowd favorite events that go down here – Red Bull Joyride slopestyle, The Canadian Open, Whip-off Worlds, and Dual Slalom. Like last year, even the Enduro World Series makes a stop at Crankworx. If you had to pick just one Festival to attend, Crankworx offers a lot.


Vermont Mountainbike Festival – July 11-13

Looking for some nice, tacky east coast dirt? Vermont is home to thousands of miles of well maintained trails. A bit more low key than an event like Crankworx, this festival is your hot ticket. In the middle fo summer, Ascutney Mountain Resort becomes a private mecca for the participants. Over 50 miles of singletrack and a host of great events make this a top choice in the Northeast.




Colorado Freeride Festival – July 23-27 

If it’s big mountain scenery and elevation that gets you fired up, then head to the rockies this summer. Located at Winter Park, “CFF” is 90 miles from Denver International Airport. With a base altitude of over 9,000 feet and peaks topping out well over 11,000 you may want to get there a bit early and acclimate so you aren’t too winded at your first event. Offering Air Downhill, XC, Slopestyle, Enduro as well as a heap of fun raffles, contests and family events this is a great all around getaway.


Downieville Classic – July 31-August 3

Downieville is the most notorious MTB fest in California. Located in the Sierras an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe, there are plenty of other spectacles to check out should you come visit. Notorious for having rugged racing, the 15 mile downhill race offers 5,000 feet of descending, and the XC race is 29 miles long and one of the last point to point courses(instead of racing a 9 mile loop 3 times) and loses 5200 miles in elevation as well. Also home to some fun family style events, there is a river jump, live music and a log pull.

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Sun Valley Bike Festival – June 26-July 5

Drag races, crits, prologues, and even the National finals of the USA Marathon MTB race – Sun Valley bike fest has a lot going on throughout it’s 10 day span.  Bald Mountain – the resort it’s held at, starts around 6,000 feet and tops out around 9,000 feet with over 400 miles of top notch single track in the area.  If you’ve never been to Idaho, this is the perfect place to start.

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