Seven Super Sick Sender Sequences From Rampage


It’s always quite difficult for a single photo to translate the level of difficulty of the riding at Red Bull Rampage. Sometimes a single frame has more impact, and sometimes a sequence provides better scale. After cleaning all the dust out of our camera sensors as well as some other unmentionable places, we took some time to stitch together some (sloppy) sequences. Don’t judge our post processing skills, but here are some bangers that might remind you just how gnarly the event is. Enjoy.



Cam Zink going WAY long on his first straight air attempt.


A pretty wild perspective of Zink’s second finals run. Cam came up a touch short and as you can see in one of the last frames he blew his tire out.


Brendan Fairclough’s double canyon gap – complete with lilly pad and all.


A different angle on Brendog’s first gap.


Graham Agassiz with a HUGE crash on day one of Qualifiers. The next day was a lay day due to rain, and the day after, Aggy stomped this drop and qualified first. Unfortunately he would injure his knee later in practice as the day went on.


Aggy guinea pigging the big lower drop. MASSIVE!


Andreu – the eventual winner, stomping the upper drop during his winning run. What a show.

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