At Home Tuning & Boost 20 X110? Formula at Sea Otter



There’s been some hype around a new Boost 20X110 standard at Sea Otter this year…but what’s interesting ironic is that Formula actually announced this standard exactly one year ago at Sea Otter, but no on seemed to notice. Before you get too up in arms, it’s worth nothing that Formula still offer 15mm axles, and with a 5mm spacer at the rotor, you could run a NON Boost 20X110mm hub


Anyhow, we figured this would be a good time to get your attention and talk about the new tuning options that Formula are offering for their Selva fork. For the most part, MTB forks offer air spring curve adjustments and then up to 4 damping adjustments via high and low speed compression and rebound.

If you look closely, you can see the size and number of orifices vary from left to right.

The new CTS (compression tuning system) is, in our words a bit of a plug and play, drop in style tuning system for compression damping on the Selva forks. Basically, with a quick 5 minute swap, an allen key, a box end wrench and Formula’s special pin spanner.

A quick removal of the blue knob above allows access to drop in the CTS valve of your choice.

Orange and Green “Special” tunes which just became available.

The “special” tunes are race oriented and feature a lot more support in the early to mid travel while not sacrificing any high speed/impact support. Our contact at Formula hinted at the option for custom, individualized tunes based on rider weight, preference, ability, riding style etc….

The pin spanner partially installed.
Damping curves for the 5 current CTS options.


• Diameter (Ø): 35mm
• Material: 7075 Aluminum
• Finish: Hard Anodized Black
• Damping Adjustments: Drop – In Cartridge with Internal Floating Technology
• Rebound: 21 Click Adjustment
• Compression: High and Low Speed 12 Click Adjustment
• Compression Curve Adjustable with Compression Tuning System (optional)
• Lockout: Crown Mounted standard
• Remote cartridge control optional
• Spring Type: Air Spring (w/5cc Ballistol Oil)
• Negative Spring: Steel (Dual Coil Technology)
• Fork Offset (Rake): 46mm for 27.5 // 51mm for 27.5 Plus & 29
• Max Rotor Size: 203mm
Standard – 1940g
Extended – 1945g


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