Back to the Future – Onza Revives the Porcupine


After the revival of the old onza brand in 2008, onza Tires has since established itself as a well-known brand in the global tire market. The small but motivated team of employees, an innovative R & D and state-of-the-art production processes guarantee that onza tires will continue to hold this position in the future. To meet the high demands of our customers, we keep the degree of innovation on onza products constantly high.


Our goal continually motivates us and drives us forward: We enjoy our work and what we do. With our drive and innovation, onza Tires give the enthusiastic mountain biker the confidence to constantly push for peak performance. onza Tires offers products of the highest quality and performance only a Swiss company can provide.

In the 1990s – the golden age of mountain bike sports – the former onza® team presented numerous innovative products to the bike community. These products included, legendary bar ends, seat posts, steel chainrings, titanium cranksets, and high-performance tires. Tire models such as the RIP, the DAVE, the RAIL, and of course the PORCUPINE were at the pinnacle of tire innovation in terms of grip and performance. Mountain bike legends like Greg “H-Ball” Herbold or Hans “Noway” Ray swore by the then revolutionary products. After more than 30 years, it is time to revive the brand’s legendary performance and achievements!


  • Modern, open and easy-rolling All Mountain tire tread
  • The placement of the tread lugs is based on the appearance of a porcupine: Spiky knobs for extra grip. This corresponds to the idea of the PORCUPINE of the 90s!
  • Tire models with black and white tread rubber available, as in the 90s.
  • Various tire dimensions and widths available.
  • Casings in black and skinwall available for all tire sizes and widths.
  • New hotpatch design!




The new Porcupine will be distributed in a few weeks. Below are the weights and prices of the various versions available:

• White skinwall 27.5×2.4 – 820g – € 59.90
• White skinwall 29×2.4 – 860g – € 59.90
• Black skinwall 27.5×2.4 – 780g – € 59.90
• Black skinwall 27.5×2.6 – 830g – € 64.90
• Black skinwall 29×2.4 – 810g – € 59.90
• Black skinwall 29×2.6 – 890g – € 69.90
• Black 27.5×2.4 – 820g – € 54.90
• Black 27.5×2.6 – 860g – € 59.90
• Black 29×2.4 – 850g – € 54.90
• Black 29×2.6 – 920g – € 64.90

Onza Tires

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