[Bike Check] Aggy’s Kona Operator


Last year at Red Bull Rampage, Graham Aggasiz qualified first and blew everyone’s minds with a massive suicide no hander off of the 72′ canyon gap. Unfortunately he crashed in the finals after throwing down and sending a massive dumped 360. This year Aggy is out for blood. His line off the top is a bit unnerving, but we’re confident he will stomp it.



We bumped into him today and he asked is if we wanted to do a bike check with him. What a novel idea. Usually, we have to ask the athlete’s for bike checks, but we’re alright with a little role reversal. Thanks Aggy!


Maxxis shorty tire out back for extra braking power.




Aggy Runs 4-5 Magic tokens in his charger Boxxer. That’s nuts! His fork felt really supple off the top but had some pretty extreme ramp to it. This prevents bottoming on the big hits, but limits his travel to about 7.5″…better than bottoming out on 40 foot drops we suppose.


Chromag Scarab pedals keep Aggy glued.



Sram X01 DH with no guide. Keeping it simple.

Thanks Dude! Good luck on Saturday!

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