La Scott Scale che vedete in foto pesa 9.250 KG.

[Bike Check] Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark



Yesterday Nino Schurter won the first big race of the year on a full suspended bike, the Scott Spark you can see in the photos below. Still, Nino has also a Scott Scale if the race course is not as technical the Monte Tamaro one.

La Scott Scale che vedete in foto pesa 9.250 KG.
The weight is a stunning 9.1 KG, without the powermeter. Nino used a bike without powermeter during the race.
Forcella DT Swiss con 100mm di escursione.
DT Swiss fork with 100mm travel and remote control. The tires are Dugast tubolar, hand made. The rims are DT Swiss tubolar carbon.
Qark XX1 powermeter.
Pacco pignoni SRAM XX1 10-42
SRAM XX1 10-42 cassette.
Corona da 36 denti.
36T chainring.
A Schurter piace l'avantreno molto ma molto basso.
Nino likes a very low front. Very low.
Garmin 510.
Garmin 510.
Ammortizzatore DT Swiss X313 cn comando remoto.
DT Swiss X313 rear shock with remote control.
Twin Lock per regolare sia la forcella che l'ammortizzatore.
Twin Lock to control fork and shock at once.
Manopole essenziali.
With these grips you can definitely feel your bike.
Freni SRAM XX con dischi da 160mm.
SRAM XX brakes with 160mm rotors.



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