Bikes of #BiggestLittleFest

Bikes of #BiggestLittleFest

Ian Collins, 21/05/2018
Ian Collins, 21/05/2018

Currently we’re busy prioritizing working on a gallery of action shots from Cam Zink’s invitational in Reno, Nevada. Dubbed Biggest Little Fest after Reno’s namesake – “The Biggest Little City”, we got to swing by for a few days of bikes, motos, beers and really big jumps. We’ll have an action gallery up soon, but for now, enjoy a few snaps of some of the riders’ bikes…

Carson Storch’s Rocky Mountain Maiden

Tom VanSteenbergen’s Trek Session

D.J. Brandt’s Mongoose Boot’r

Cam Zink’s YT Tues

Damn Iwanaga’s Scott Gambler

Mikey Sylvestri’s YT Tues

Bas VanSteenbergen’s Hyper DH bike (prototype/one off)

Alex Volokhov’s Scott Gambler

Nope! That’s not R-Dog’s bike, it’s Tyler Bereman’s. R-Dog handed his Trek Session down to the motocross steeze god.

Ethan Nell’s YT Tues

Bunch motos and loads of beer. Unseen are plenty of pit bikes that got rallied to smithereens…