BMC Unveils New Teamelite 01


Remember our spy shots we took two weeks ago? Now BMC unveiled their latest cross country weapon, the Teamelite 01.




[Press release] The Impec Lab has teamed up with the BMC Mountainbike Racing Team to create the new BMC Teamelite 01 – the world’s most technically-advanced hardtail mountainbike.

The high-performance discipline of cross-country racing has become, quite literally, a race to the top. Grueling, all-out sprints to the finish are supported with bikes whose maximum efficiency and minimum weight ethos pay no heed to compliance – until now. The new BMC Teamelite 01 is the culmination of an evolution of race bike performance. Its unique combination of efficiency, traction, and fatigue-fighting compliance technology places it in a category of its very own, and raises the bar by setting new industry standards.

Over the past 2 years, BMC’s team of composite engineers have evolved carbon designs and tested and re-tested MTB prototype function and feasibility at the Impec Lab in Grenchen, BMC’s in-house composites and engineering playground. After a final round of testing with the world’s most successful mountain bikers, the BMC MTB Racing Team, the end result has come to life in the form of revolutionary race performance.

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Micro Travel Technology (MTT) – a new Solution for Rearend Compliance

The new BMC Teamelite 01 possesses an innovative solution to rear-end hardtail compliance, coined Micro Travel Technology (MTT). With this new system, cross-country racers can ditch the common practice of manipulating tire pressure to gain more compliance for technical descents.

MTT’s damping and additional frame compliance smoothes out the ride, letting riders apply more power to gain that elusive differentiator; speed.

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Micro Travel Technology (MTT)- the Philosophy

Part carbon construction and part technical feature, MTT provides 15mm of rear-end compliance.

It is supported structurally by the dualguided, fully integrated XCell damper that enhances lateral and torsional frame stiffness. Additionally, advances in the carbon technology used for the seat and chainstays, available only at the Impec Lab, maintain pedaling efficiency and guarantee bottom bracket stiffness.

The icing on the cake? All of these invaluable extras create a 1,080 gram total frame weight (hardware included) with absolutely no compromise to race performance. MTT is a clear advancement in cross-country MTB race technology.

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Additional Facelifts to the New Teamelite 01

In addition to the compliance advancements in the new hardtail, the rear-end of the bike has also received a facelift with 142 thru-axle spacing.

The new frame design also makes integrated cable routing a piece of cake. Maintaining Big Wheel Concept (BWC) 29er positioning throughout the line, the 2016 Teamelite 01 comes in 5 sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL) with an additional 85mm of clearance on the XS over the previous model year’s smallest size.


Race Proven by World Best in 2015

World champions are allowed to demand the absolute best and most advanced equipment from their suppliers – every second counts. 5-time World Champion and BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team rider, Julien Absalon will put the bike to the test in this year’s World Cup Series. “To be honest, when I tried out the new MTT technology, I was anticipating a compromise” says Absalon, “I’m convinced it climbs just as good as last year’s bike, with a little extra something for the down hills which we definitely need. I’m very happy to have this edge!”

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The BMC Mountain Bike Racing Team has been racing on the new bike since February and will use it, paired with the Fourstroke 01, to tackle the 2015 World Cup season and beyond.

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