Cube Bikes @Eurobike 2014

Cube Bikes @Eurobike 2014

Alex Boyce, 28/08/2014
Alex Boyce, 28/08/2014

Cube bikes are one of the biggest presences at Eurobike with out side and inside stands, a popular brand with some interesting products, including an XTR 2015 equipped XC bike, and Nico Lau’s race bike from the EWS.


Now with XTR 2015, a special bike, the only one at the show with this setup.


Lightweigh XX1 equpied XC bikes.


Cube’s Ebike easily the most stylish Ebike out there.


Cube’s 2015 Stereo, carbon frame, XTR 2015 running gear.


29er, full suspension.


The 29er Stereo.



Nico Lau’s Race bike hiding at the front.