BOS Idylle : New chassis and inertia valve


Bos has completely redone the Idylle, the dual crown DH fork. Here are all the details

New Idylle



The main update to the new Idylle is the new inertia valve FCV. The valve FCV is able to differentiate between terrain input vs. a rider’s mass transfer input and make the necessary adjustments in the compression damping. This ensures a very stable ride that resist wallowing – it also opens up just fine when things get rough.


The stanchions have been increased in diameter from 36mm to 37mm to handle the added leverage that a 27.5″ wheel has over a fork’s chassis. The added girth helps stiffen things up for the bigger wheels. Additionally, the travel has been increased from 200mm to 208mm. Lastly, and goes without saying, the new chassis is 27.5″ compatible.


The dropouts have effectively moved up slightly relative to the bottom of the lower casting. This is to make room for the extra bit of travel and bigger wheels.


The external adjustments are still the same regardless of the presence of the valve FCV – High and Low speed compression, as well as rebound.

The rest of the range Bos remains almost unchanged.

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