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We dare to ask, what separates the best from the rest?  How do you choose what brands to support and what products to trust?

For us it’s about an unrelenting commitment to our customers, riders, product development, and those who believe that true greatness comes from sacrifice and pushing the limits to find what is possible.

The DEITY you see today is about the process of perfecting our craft while stripping all of the limitations away to reveal what DEITY is destined to be.  We are the reflection of the riders’ style and voice that inspires and propels our sport and we’ve built DEITY on the promise to do what is best for you at all cost.

After 13 years of pushing against the grain and creating something from nothing, DEITY has finally arrived.  Free from the financial limitations that birthed DEITY and armed with our leading technology, product development and infrastructure, we’ve spent the past 3 years scrutinizing everything we do, completely stripping everything down and rebuilding from the ground up to bring you a smarter, faster, highly refined DEITY. The end result is a product line that is 95% brand new and the best work we have done to date.

We welcome you to experience our all new website, 2017 product line, direction and voice in hopes that you see our inspiration, style, and passion shine through.  Our love for speed in all things from motorcycles, World Cup DH, the racer’s mentality, and all things two wheels have played a monumental role in influencing our vision for DEITY that feels fast standing still!  How do you take this feeling and emotion and put it into design?  This was the challenge that created everything we are unveiling today…

Our new website brings you comprehensive technical specifications about each and every DEITY product while giving you the insight into how and why these products came to be.  With thousands of product images, detailed information, rider content, up to date news, DEITY TV, and more, the new DEITY website is a destination for inspiration and we cannot wait for you to experience it! To create a product line that replaces 95% of our previous line is a daunting task and impossible to cover in one PR, so what you see here is just a portion of the new line!

Today, we bring you the absolute best we have to offer by implementing our years of experience and proprietary technology with a laser focus on strength, function and attention to detail.  We’ve developed our own standards for excellence and to deliver on this promise we have to be better than all of our competitors.  Just the number of additional steps we take in the manufacturing process can be seen in every detail of our all new aluminum Handlebar line.  Not only have we developed our own technology, testing standards and procedures over the years to ensure we are delivering the very best, we have also developed our own heat treatment processes, real-world testing processes, standards, and finish detailing to bring you the absolute best a handlebar has to offer. 

Seen here, our new wider Blacklabel 800 Handlebar is a work of art.  We’ve taken the beloved Blacklabel to another level with a widened center bore to allow for a wider platform of 800mm and is supported by our Gradient Butting that is tailored specifically for every rise and width in our handlebar line.  This wider center bore also gives you the same confidence inspiring ride quality and strength that we demand for top tier World Cup racing and we topped it off with a brilliant two-toned polished and bead blast black ano finish that has to be seen in person.  You will notice this black foundation throughout our entire new line as we’ve moved away from full ano colors to bring you a more elegant offering with accent colors to perfectly match your kit and the most current suspension and frame graphic colors.

Our Proprietary Gradient Butting Technology allows us to produce some of the strongest handlebars available today while delivering incredible feel and performance in every model.  We took all of the tools and knowledge that make us industry leaders in the handlebar category and redesigned our entire aluminum handlebar line, broadening our range to offer multiple rise options throughout each line as well as expanding into Trail and All Mountain with the new Skyline 787 Handlebar.  The lightest DEITY aluminum Handlebar to date, the SKYLINE is the result of taking our customers feedback and expanding the scope and depth of what we offer to the market.

Our handlebar technology allows us to put material where you need it and minimize it in areas of low stress, so we can create a bar with a specific range of deflection and flex built into it. A departure from the standard double butting, the resulting unparalleled strength also delivers the feeling and performance that makes us the choice for top podium and title holders with countless accolades like Red Bull Rampage Wins, Crankworx victories, FMB championships, Enduro World Series wins, and has made us one of the most sought after brands on the World Cup circuit for 2017.  The trust we’ve instilled by delivering incredibly strong, durable and reliable products gives you the confidence to push the limits of what is possible on two wheels. 

We believe in setting a standard for excellence in everything we do and it certainly shows in our new Holeshot 35mm bore DH handlebar line.  With multiple rise options, our first 35mm bore aluminum DH specific handlebar is designed to ride and feel exactly like our renowned Blacklabel – Dirt Mag’s Top 100 pick for three years running- the Holeshot is the next evolution in our DH handlebar Line and is the perfect choice for those looking to go beyond 800mm.

This fundamental philosophy to never settle is seen in our riders, staff, customer support and products.  We believe what separates the best from the rest is in the details and you cannot miss all the design elements in our completely new Grip line.  From the familiar diamond pattern of many grips on the market to the alienating mushroom and half waffle designs available in hundreds of different formats, we’ve taken the best of what these elements have to offer and eliminated the issues to create a line of grips with something for every rider. 

The grip of choice for World Cup style assassin and gloveless wonder, Sam Blenkinsop, the Knuckleduster embodies our attention to detail and our focus on function!  Taking a risk and thinking outside the box is where DEITY thrives and these are certainly case in point!  The body of the grip combines the best elements of a half-waffle, mushroom ribbing, and an ergo feel in a stunning package.  Featuring a stable mushroom pattern to minimize vibration, the true magic of the Knuckleduster lies in the V channel chevron ribs that ergonomically fill the swell of your palm and then seamlessly transition to a recessed half waffle on the underside.

The all new Waypoint Grip utilizes a micro-diamond pattern with a tapered internal sleeve to maximize a single bolt design while delivering a clean, lightweight grip that allows you to maximize every mm of hand placement.  Our TRC Grip compound gives you the tactical feel you want and the durability you need throughout our entire grip line without compromised durability or having to worry what cleaning solutions you use on your bike.

Not only do we deliver products with attention to every detail that have to be seen in person to appreciate, but we truly value the experience and feedback from our world renowned athletes and riders. Our all new Intake Direct Mount Stems, available in both 31.8 and 35mm bore, are a perfect example of what rider feedback can bring to our designs. Born from discussions with Brendan Fairclough, the Intake DM stem is machined from 7075 T73 aluminum, features a zero degree rise, and comes in high gloss black ano with contrast graphics to match the rest of the DEITY line. Showcasing machining detail throughout and increased stiffness due to the 3-piece super wide clamping platform, the Intake DM is a product fueled by the feedback from our riders, customers, dealers, and distributors.

All DEITY products undergo a strict testing protocol. Unlike many companies who only require their products to pass the industry standard regulations, we have also developed our own testing standards that are not only much higher and harder to meet, but are a closer reflection of the expectations we have for what our products will be put through in the real world.

It is easy to design a product that can meet all of the industry standards, but our goal is to push the levels of our designs to create a product that not only surpasses our expectations, but also beats any other product we test it against. By creating our own testing procedures to mimic real world abuse, impact and deflection, we seek to destroy components before they ever make it onto a bicycle.

Our all new line of Copperhead stems are available in 3 lengths and are a shining symbol of what these higher standards can create.  With a goal to bring you a lighter version of the Cavity stem, we delivered a significantly stronger and sleeker line that is a complicated piece to machine. Every DEITY product is machine tested to failure, but the Copperhead was relentless and would run for millions of cycles without showing any signs of issue and is a stem that begs to be put through as much abuse as you can dish out.

Again, this is still not enough for our customers and we do not stop at machine testing. To truly put a product through a DEITY torture session, we take 12 to 24 months to real world test our designs before they ever start production.  We’ve been criticized for taking too long to develop a renowned product like the TMAC pedal that has since developed a cult following and is rated one of the top 2 choices for pedals in 2016.  Why would we take so long on one single product?  We feel the proof is in the result and the time is absolutely worth it to us as our customers are never our testers.

The All New Black Kat pedal is yet another example of an exceptionally durable design built around the indestructible retired Decoy pedal internals.  With an extruded DEITY concave pedal body design, the Black Kat is the sleeper in the new line. Initially intended to fill a hole in our product line, the design evolved into a very interesting pedal to set your foot on. Featuring a large, yet unobtrusive, platform size and a rounded profile surrounding the spindle, the Black Kat delivers insane amounts of grip and all at a reasonable end price.

We’ve always had incredible respect for other brands in this industry who believe in creating the highest quality products, so it was a great honor for us to collaborate with SDG Components to bring you our vision of the best saddles in the world.  We’ve partnered with SDG to utilize their top selling Duster base, technology, and coupled it with our own foam molds, highest end materials, and finished it off with our DEITY styling.  The Speedtrap Railed saddle offers every detail, material and performance that only the best saddles can deliver.  From high end mid density EVA foam, top shelf Kevlar, and color accents to match the top suspension and frame graphics on the market…the Speedtrap is a saddle you can spend hours on.

There is one saddle that sets the standard for DH racing and this is our take on it. Our Sidetrack I-Beam DH Saddle is based on the new I-Fly 2.0 platform from SDG and it is the perfect finishing touch to any DH build. Featuring a stealth top cover with accent colors, it is just one of the countless new product designs that can be seen on the new DEITY site.

This opportunity to redesign 95% of our products allowed us to deliver an homage to the inspirations that began this journey for us.  The feeling derived from watching the top athletes of our sport is showcased in our entire new offering as one cohesive line to Complete Your Kit.  From the helmet, goggles, jersey, full custom bike even down to the rider’s gloves we’ve designed our entire new line to fit together as a brilliant custom looking kit that will compliment and complete any build and bring it to life!  Nevertheless, it is about more than the finished look.  The secret to what makes the DEITY line a phenomenal experience is the technology and design that builds the framework of each product.

All these new designs are just a sampling of our 2017 Product Line that is available today!  From our all new Highside DJ/Slopestyle bar, to our new Seatposts, Circuit Clamps, Helltrack singlespeed Sprockets, Frisco Pivotal and I-Beam Saddles, and so much more, you have to visit our all new website to get familiar with the new smarter, faster, refined DEITY!

At the end of the day we know what separates DEITY from the rest and it is our unwillingness to compromise.  We believe that the knowledge and integrity than comes from doing things for the right reasons leaves no room for regrets.  We take the responsibility of our customer and rider’s experience seriously and are incredibly proud to say that we never sacrifice for the easy outcome and always do it with style.

To truly understand why DEITY is so beloved by our supporters you have to believe that it is possible to build something against all odds.   To be fearless enough to stand for what you believe in, do it your own way, and be willing to risk it all to succeed.  The new DEITY is a tribute to all of you, our riders, our customers, and those who have supported us throughout our evolution since 2004. Today is just the beginning of what is the future for DEITY, so visit the new DEITY website to start the journey!

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