[First Look] Deity Components: CZ38 Bar, Cavity 35 Stem, Compound Pedals



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Deity is a rider owned company that makes high-quality, well designed products with a metal style flavour. You can tell they are different. The company is different, and we like that. They do really care about the riders. You only need to check out their social media platforms to see how they support each of their team members and all the kids on their grassroots program. We do not think there are many more companies like them.

We are currently in the United States, on our road to Rampage, so we have had the opportunity to get our hands on some Deity gear such as the CZ38 Special handlebar which is Cam Zink’s signature bar, the new Cavity 35mm stem and the Compound pedals.

We will be testing their products the upcoming months and will make an extended article about them, but for now here is what we think so far after our first Dirt Jump session:

The first thing we noticed about the CZ38 handlebar was how good looking it is in black with black polished graphics. Then after we put it on our bike, we felt the 38mm rise, 9.5 degree bend and 4.5 degree upsweep to be very comfortable. Its 760mm lenght is a little too much for us though, we are going to have it cut at 740mm as we are no longer riding with our hands at the very end of each side of the bar. It is way stiffer than our old bars, and we really like that, specially when we are using it for Dirt Jumping, you don’t want to jump on a floppy bar. We will see how it lasts during our long term test but it seems very promising.


· Cameron Zink’s Signature handlebar.
· Designed for all disciplines: All-Mountain, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jump and more.
· Featuring Gradient Butting Technology.
· Designed exclusively with Deity tooling.
· Made from custom gradient butted 7075 T73 aluminum.
· 760mm length (30 inch).
· 38mm rise.
· 9.5 degree bend x 4.5 degree upsweep.
· 31.8mm clamping diameter.
· Available in bead blast Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple Anodized with color matched graphics kit.
· Also available in bead blast Black with Polished Black graphics for the ultimate stealth handlebar.
· Weight: 310 grams.
· Price: $94.99

The Cavity 35 stem has been re-designed from its older version, the Cavity 50. Now it offers 35mm lenght instead of 50mm, so everyone that likes to ride short stems is covered. We have always liked and ridden short stems so getting our hands on this one is a truly honor for us.  You can tell that Deity has put in a lot of work on it: clean rounded edges at all sides, reverse cross bolt system, tapered body and beautiful graphic details. We are very pleasant of what we have experienced so far and we are looking forward to spend more time on it.


· Machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.
· Compatible with 31.8mm oversized handlebars.
· 35mm length.
· Short 33mm stack height.
· Wide 55mm faceplate for increased stiffness with wide handlebars.
· Rounded edges at all sides, corners, and angles.
· Reverse cross bolt system for increased clamping power.
· Tapered body for cleaner lines and weight reduction.
· Multiple internal and external machining processes to reduce every gram possible.
· Chamfered edges throughout for stunning detail.
· Available in Polished Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green Anodized.
· Lifetime Warranty.
· Weight: 150 grams.
· Price: $99.99

There are hundreds of compound pedals in the market, almost every brand makes them, and although they can look the same, they don’t feel the same. Deity mentions that the body of their Compound pedals is made of nylon fiber instead of polycarbonate, and that they have a double micro sealed bearing system so that could differentiate them from the rest. We love plastic pedals and have always ridden all different kinds but these could probably be the best ones yet. They are thin, lightweigth and offer the same grip as a traditional aluminum pedal. We can’t wait to spend hours and hours above them.


· Incredibly lightweight injection molded nylon fiber composite body.
· Replaceable Cr-mo Pins.
· Super thin profile.
· DU bushing and double micro sealed bearing system.
· Fully sealed, rebuildable, thin, and offers the same grip as a traditional aluminum pedal.
· Nylon fiber blend does not get hung up on rocks or ledges.
· Brilliant design for all genres of riding: All-Mountain, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jump and more.
· Nylon fiber body does not shatter like cheap polycarbonate pedals.
· Featuring black spindles and laser graphics on anodized end caps.
· Available in Black, Green, Red, Light Blue, White and Purple.
· Weight: 339 grams.
· Price: $54.99

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As we have said before, we are going to be testing the handlebar, stem and pedals from Deity throughout the next months to see how they feel and last. If you want to check all of their products and offerings, we recommend you to visit deitycomponents.com

Photos by Héctor Saura.


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