[First Look] Leonardi 9-42T (1×10) Cassette


Leonardi Factory, long known in Italy as a small scale custom high quality bicycle parts maker have just released the XD driver based 9-42 and 9-38 cassette.

We managed to get our hands on a sample unexpectedly today which we will be testing to see how it compares against a Shimano or Sram cassette. The need for only changing the driver body and not shifter and changer is helpful. The weight comes in at 250 grams and price is around the €290 mark but is yet to be confirmed.


Leonardi say this is actually the precursor to the 11 speed variant they are working on which will be released soon and will be an alternative to the Sram cassette. In the hand the quality felt exceptional and the fact it is also available in a 9-38 variant as well is really interesting. More information from out tests soon.

We grabbed a few shots of this interesting take on rear cassettes.
Up close behind we can see the machining of the cassette.
Tooth finish quality is outstanding, wide enough to not have to change your entire system.
Notice the XD driver mounting system.
The top three rings are cnc’d differently compared to the low end of the cassette.
The tooth profiles are rounded and will enable a smooth pass of the chain over the cassette.
Made in Italy

Leonardi Racing


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