[First Look] Mondraker e-Prime Carbon RR+


[ad3]Riva del Garda Bike Festival was the place that Mondraker chose to launch their latest pedal assist MTB offering : the e-Prime Carbon RR+, which is an e-MTB aimed at XC/trail. It’s one of the first high quality all carbon framed pedal assist mountain bikes on offer. As a brand,  Mondraker has made their name with more traditional Enduro and DH offerings but in rather bold designs.  It should be noted that Mondraker has grown nearly 30% in the last year with 15% of their turnover based on the e-MTB sector, so the numbers/market shifts are dictating what Mondraker have pulled out of the hat with this new model which is detailed below.

IMG_1242The e-Prime Carbon RR+ has that imposing carbon fiber Mondraker look. Distinctive lines and a quality finish clearly make a statement, as does the electric assist motor.


IMG_1245Despite being a hard tail, the geometric lines speak volumes of what this bike is aimed at doing. With 120mm of travel, a “compliant” rear end and 2.8″ tyres, trail riding is the intended destination.

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• New range of hardtail e-MTB Trail bikes with 120mm travel forks
• 4 models: e-Prime Carbon RR+ / e-Prime Carbon R+ / e-Prime R+ / e-Prime+
• 4 sizes available: S (15.5 “), M (17”), L (19 “), XL (21”)
• Stealth Carbon Drive Unit Interface frameset
• Mondraker FlatStays Technology
• Bosch Performance CX electric motor
• 25km/h Pedelec Assist
• 500W/h Bosch Powerpack battery
• Intuvia Performance On-board Display
• Bosch Drive Unit Integrated Protector
• Boost 148×12 and 110x15mm hub spacing
• Tapered head tube and Post Mount rear brake
• Internal cable guide HHG: Hidden Housing Guide
• Weight: e-Prime Carbon RR+: 18.8kg (41.44lbs)
• Price: €7999 (e-Prime Carbon RR+ version)
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

The e-Prime Carbon RR+ is a serious machine, no skimping on component quality. Combine that with the performance line 500w Bosch system and you have a bike that is clearly priced and aimed at the high end of the market.  Luckily Mondraker has a complete range on offer so the e-Prime + with a more affordable spec, aluminum construction and a bit of a weight increase can be had for around €4000.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 23.17.55

Classic trail head angles combined with Mondraker’s Forward geometry concept give a bike that on paper will climb well and descend briskly. It’s not an all mountain machine, but with the pedal assist it’s going to be able to climb some steep hills.


componentsMondraker have gone all out on the e-Prime Carbon RR+, with a full SRAM XX1 groupset,  a Rockshox Reverb seat post an RS1  fork with lockout control mated with Guide RSC brakes which hang off a carbon handle bar, everything we would expect from a high end machine.

frameThe use of carbon as the material for the frame has been combined well with a cutting edge industrial design. Every little detail oozes quality. The flat stays have been designed to give a compliant ride. The motor is housed perfectly by the frame and is one of the most uniform fits that we have seen so far for a Bosch motor. Cable routes are clean, precise and internal where needed. The use of carbon over aluminium on the frame set saves almost half a kilo in weight.

wheelsMondraker stated clearly that they think the 27.5″+ format is the only way to go for e-MTB bikes. The extra sized air chamber and larger footprint lend themselves well to a supple ride for what is going to be a heavier bike compared to a non pedal assist machine. However to reflect the aimed use of the e-Prime range, 2.8″ tyres were considered to be a more sensible size for this hardtail trail offering. We questioned the use of aluminium wheels, Mondraker pointed out that although carbon wheels would be lighter, the added stiffness would upset the ride of the hard tail frame. DT Swiss’s XM 481 rims offer more complimentary performance characteristics that work well with the carbon Flatstay technology that Mondraker have employed on the rear.

Power System

powerThe Bosch CX performance line 75n/m motor and 500w/h motor and battery system is fairly evident on the e-Prime RR+. The Intuvia central display computer is commanded by the handle bar remote that makes for quite a busy bar on the e-Prime Carbon RR+. We are not a fan of big screens, the use of a large speedo is fairly unnecessary on an MTB in our opinion, however Bosch has just previewed a smaller display that will be sure to find its way onto high end builds like this. Mondraker tested a variety of motor solutions and felt that for their intended design use the Bosch CX line was ideal for smooth power uptake and flexibility in power choices and overall excellent battery autonomy between charges. The reduced overall weight of the bike helps increase the time needed between charges. The bike is limited to 25km/h. Battery life is 25% greater with the 500 w/h version compared to the 400 w/h setup.


Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity for any meaningful trail tests, but we can say from handling the product up-close that there has been a great deal of attention paid to details and the overall design of the bike. Nothing happened by accident on the e-Prime RR+, hopefully we will find our way to the trails with one of these beautifully designed bikes soon, availability is immediate from Mondraker dealers.


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