[First Ride] New Endura Ultralight Full Face


Endura presented their first full-face helmet at Maso Naranch, above Lake Garda. At 640 grams in size M (the one I tested), including padding, it is the lightest helmet on the market with downhill certification. This was possible thanks to the collaboration with Koroyd, material that I have personally tried for a long time on Smith helmets.


It is also the first full face mountain bike with Koroyd on the market. As you can see from the photos, the helmet is relatively “thin” thanks to its ability in absorbing the Koroyd’s blows without requiring as much volume as the classic EPS foam.

The chin guard is a unique piece that “enters” the structure of the helmet, rather than being attached separately, as is usually done. This makes it resistant to impacts, which is why Endura has achieved DH certification. The chin guard has a design based on ventilation and, with the “light” padding, it does not press on the face.

In fact, there are two pad sets in the package: a light and a more voluminous one that compresses the cheeks of the rider more like a DH helmet. In the photos it is still pre-production padding, different from those you will find in stores, in July.

The helmet does not move on the head even with the thinnest padding because it has a retention system typical of open face helmets, with the click wheel and the possibility of adjusting the harness in height and length.

Here are some details on the retention system.

The strap system under the chin is entrusted to Fidlock, easy and quick to open and close even with gloves. A small bit prevents it from rubbing on the chin.

The visor does not move, as the position is fixed. Endura says that when goggles are removed, they are usually turned around on the helmet or lowered on the neck, so there is no need for space under the visor.

There are no built in attachments for POV cameras so as not to compromise safety in the event of a crash.

The list price is 229 euros. The helmet will be available from July in black and green colors.

On the trail

I used this lid for two days of riding on the Garda. I’m not a big fan of full-face helmets because, if I have to ride, they make me sweat and give me an impression of claustrophobia. The Endura, however, has a great ventilation: I kept it up for a few short climbs and I have to say it surprised me from this point of view.

Downhill, once fixed on the head with the rear wheel, it does not move. The fact that retention does not rely on padding on the face contributes both to the ventilation and to the ease of wearing it for a long time without problem of annoying contact points. Its light weight also plays an important role from this point of view.

A thorough test will follow after a few months of testing.

For the record, this is the helmet that the Lupatos are using in the 2019 season. You can check it out in person today at the Bike Festival.


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