FOR You Card: a fundraising that supports the trail building of Finale Ligure

[Press release] After a few previews here and there, like at the Eurobike fair in Germany, the FOR YOU CARD, the new and innovative fundraising system for territory maintenance, is finally here, ready to be presented to the public.


All the athletes competing in the “Bluegrass Enduro World Series Finale presented by Vittoria” race scheduled from Sept 16th to Sept 19th will receive the first cards on Tuesday Sept 14th and will be the first people to be able to use them at those businesses in the Finalese area that have decided to support this initiative from the very start, including two of the most involved companies in the bike world, Finale Bikers and Bale Outdoor Service.

But what is it all about? The FOR YOU CARD is not only a loyalty card, but also a tool intended to raise the necessary funds to maintain and preserve the territory, meaning its trail and crag network.

Enrico Guala, Marketing Director of the Finale Outdoor Region Consortium: “The influx linked to outdoor tourism is crucial for the Finalese area and guaranteeing a high-quality product is essential to keep working with bikers and climbers. A community that has become increasingly demanding, drawn to a wide range of destinations that have decided to focus on outdoor tourism. Also, the continuous use of the trails requires targeted actions to prevent excessive wear and tear from damaging the territory, our most precious resource”.

While in the past a lot has been done thanks to the contribution of the public sector that has made possible for associations to make Finale Ligure into the outdoor destination it is today, now it is necessary to combine all this with a system aimed at raising more resources as they are key to have an ongoing and well-thought-out maintenance plan.

The FOR YOU CARD addresses all this by launching a virtuous system that calls into play both outdoor users and outdoor services companies. More simply, on the one hand the sports tourists, on the other hand all outdoor services providers.

Although getting the card is not compulsory but voluntary, the guests will be highly motivated to buy it, as they will have special benefits, the possibility of earning points that will get them discounts on products and services and, above all, they will contribute directly to maintaining the thing they care about the most: our trails and crags, the real reason that drives people from all over the world to choose the Finalese area for their holidays.

Using the card is easy: once you buy it online, at one the consortium member businesses or at the Finale Outdoor Base – Info Point and register, you just have to check-in with your smartphone every time you buy a product or a service (like a single uplift or in a restaurant or café). In doing so, the business you are buying from will donate part of the profits from the product/service you have just bought to the Consortium that will allocate it to the territory maintenance fund. To each product/service will correspond a certain number of points and, by using the card, you will earn meters of trail or crag maintenance.

Gianluca Viglizzo, president of the Consortium Finale Outdoor Region: “We are confident that the FOR YOU CARD, with the cooperation of the local businesses and the many tourists who love our territory, can become a tool that is going to help the Finalese area take a huge step forward, allowing us to work consistently at maintaining our trails and crags, thus offering a product that already is the envy of the world but that together we can make even better.

So now you just have to join our project by purchasing a FOR YOU CARD and using it in all the affiliated businesses, thus making a solid contribution to maintaining the Finalese area.

To find the list of businesses that have already joined the FOR YOU CARD project, click the MAP

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