[Gallery] World Cup Nove Mesto: Kulhavy wins on home soil



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Exciting first 2015 XC World Cup race today in Nove Mesto. This is its photo story.

Kulhavy concentrates before the race.
The start. Full gas from the very beginning.
Schurter in testa al primo giro.
Schurter on the lead in the first lap.
Fumic non lontano.
Fumic wasn’t far at the beginning.
Il duo di testa.
The battle begins: Schurter vs. Kuhlavy.
Absalon staccato
Absalon in third, Not his best race today.
Kuhlavy in the rock garden.
Kuhlavy got lots of support from the Czech fans.
Battaglia finale
In the final laps Kulhavy and Schurter pass each other many times.



In discesa Schurter era più veloce, ma non abbastanza da staccare Kulhavy per bene.
Schurter was faster in the downhills, but not enough to gain a big gap from his contender.
Pure excitement on the finish line.
Can winning be better than in front of the home crowd?
Le congratulazioni di Absalon.
Absalon congratulates.
Dal numero venti al primo posto.
From the 20th position to the top.
Winning awards.
Calzini personalizzati.
Do you have your name on your socks?

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The women’s race was equally exciting, if not even more, with Jolanda Neff and Gunn Rita Dahle-Flesjaa fighting for victory until the finish line.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 22.17.52


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