Hayes Dominion T2: Limited Lightweight Edition

Hayes today presents a limited edition of just 500 sets worldwide an ultra high end version of their Dominion brakes, dubbed the T2 and thus differ from the traditional Dominion A2 due to the materials used and for the lower overall weight that derives from that.


The levers are made of carbon fiber by Reynolds, which has its logo on the back of the lever. The lower reservoir cap is also made of carbon fiber composite.

The screws are made entirely of titanium, including the pin that holds the pads in place, and a set of titanium screws for the discs is included. Speaking of pads, they are made with the same semi-metallic compound available for the Dominion A2 pads but the pad that holds the lining is made of aluminum.

These measures reduce the weight of each set to 254 grams, reducing the overall weight by 100 grams compared to the Dominion A2. All other details regarding the performance of the Dominion T2, according to Hayes, remain absolutely unchanged compared to the A2 version from which they derive.

Hayes also carefully tests each of Dominion T2’s 1000 brakes directly from their factory to ensure the best performance in terms of accuracy, completely eliminating spongy lever feel by ensuring the pistons react immediately to input with a perfect bleed.

Price: € 258.82



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