Huck Norris – New Dual Compound Inserts

Huck Norris is showing off a new tire insert model, based on the current model but made with a double compound, one softer to improve the absorption of small bumps and provide more progressive absorption and the other harder to protect the rim and consequently the tire from pinching in case of heavier impacts.


The MegaNorris – the name of the new insert, is available in three versions with different sizes and therefore different uses and weights, each with a unique name. The Toast version is dedicated to cross country and is the only one made with a single soft compound, also suitable for the front wheel for trail and enduro. The Sandwich version is dedicated to trail and enduro, especially for rear wheels. The Hamburger version is dedicated to the heavier uses such as DH, enduro racing and electric bikes.

Each version is available in two different widths, 55 or 60mm, to best adapt to the rim and tire size in which it is installed.

Huck Norris


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