[Interbike] 2015 Norco Highlights


Norco has come out guns blazing with their new 2015 line. In particular, the trail and enduro bikes caught our eye. Both the 140mm Sight and 160mm Range got a full redesign and utilize 27.5” wheels.



Although their carbon DH bike that has been seen on the world cup circuit piloted by Jill Kitner and Bryn Atkinson, it still isn’t quite ready for production. The Aurum returns in two models with an update to accept 27.5” wheels.

As always, Norco packs some really cool, subtle touches of ingenuity into the frame that just help the bikes look clean improve functionality. Internally routed cables, plus shock and linkage hardware that can be removed with just one wrench, and nicely designed downtube guards are just a few of those key features.

The Sight C7.1 $6,600




The Sight C7.2 $5545






The Range C7.1 $7115







Aurum A6.2 $TBD


Aurum A6.3 $TBD


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