[Interbike] Spank Wheels, Pedals and Handlebar


Spank updated a few bits in their line. The mega popular Spike Pedal remains virtually unchanged, but Spank took the groundwork it laid with the Spike and introduced the Oozy trail. The cage is basically the same shape, but it receives some special treatment and inherent weight loss : additional machining and relief, narrower pins, and a new axle get the weight down.






360 grams.
12mm thin.
20 pins plus the option to buy a ti axle & save another 60 grams. $149 retail

The Oozy 295 wheelset is all new and for an non carbon set of wheels, they come in really light, but are also said to be quite strong and stiff. The rim has a slightly wider profile at 29.5mm outer width, 25mm inner width. That should help stiffen things up – something the 27.5” and 29” crowd in particular will appreciate.



The rim has features a ribbed bead hook that helps prevent burping when set up tubeless. According to Spank they could run tires as low as 20 PSI without issues. Sounds pretty cool to us as we hate burping tires! A set will be landing on one of our test bikes in the very near future for a comprehensive test.



28 straight pull spokes and alloy nipples keep things light.
27 point/3 pawl engagement.
Hand Built, 3 cross laced.
Tubeless ready.
$599 retail

After extensive research, Spank are not quite sold on the idea of a carbon fiber bar due to safety concerns. As the appeal of carbon is it’s damping properties, Spank has developed VibroCore, a special foam filling that is super low weight, but is said to take the edge off and help reduce fatigue to the rider’s arms and hands.



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