[Interview] Anneke Beerten

[ad3]Last week in Southern California at the GT Bicycles Team Camp, we got a chance to catch up with some of their athletes.  The first in a series of interviews is EWS star Anneke Beerten.  After coming off of Specialized and recently joining forces with GT alongside Martin Maes & Rachel Throop, she is currently training for next season’s EWS rounds by twisting throttles, riding BMX and getting out there on her Force X Carbon.

MTB-MAG: You’re on a new and very different bike.  Has it been a bit of an adjustment?


Anneke: No, we got along right away.  It was super easy to transition.  I got the bike, pulled it out and hardly adjusted anything.  After riding the first trail in my backyard I was stoked immediately.  It was a little bit of an adjustment switching from 29″ to 27.5″ but I had no problem.

Anneke's GT Force getting some love.
Anneke’s GT Force getting some love.

MTB-MAG: Are you going to strictly ride the Force or will you ride the Sanction for some rounds?

Anneke: I’ll probably go back and forth depending on the tracks a bit.  For example, in Ireland the trails are tight and I’ll probably ride the Force, where in La Thuille, there are a lot of lift runs and long rowdy downhills so I’ll be more apt to ride the Sanction.  It’s a luxury that we have those two amazing bikes to choose from.

Photo : Jake Hamm

MTB-MAG: What are your goals this year?

Anneke: WINNING!  Definitely defending my queen of Crankworx title but I think the main thing for me is to get that first EWS win.  In the back of my mind floating around is to get the overall win but I just want to have steady season.

Photo : Jake Hamm

MTB-MAG: What is your favorite round?

Anneke: At the moment I’m really looking forward to Chile. I went there two years ago and it was a different venue and area, but knowing how it is there, it really suits my riding style so I can’t wait for that one.

Photo poached from instagram.com/annekbeerten
Photo poached from instagram.com/annekbeerten

MTB-MAG: What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this off season?

Anneke: Ride a lot of moto.  Mostly riding around here(SoCal)…I’ve been riding with Curtis Keene a bit and Ronnie Renner took me riding one day.  It’s been refreshing to do something else.  I was talking to Brook about it and he mentioned how much it helps his DH racing.  I feel the same way – it’s really hard riding a dirt bike.  I’m so sore the day after, I roll out of my bed and I can hardly move for two days.  It’s awesome cross training.

Photo : Jake Hamm

MTB-MAG: Have you done any trail riding on motos?  That would likely be good Enduro training.

Anneke: Not yet, mostly track riding at LACR and Pala.  I’m just getting into it and learning as it’s my second year riding it.

MTB-MAG: OK, understandable.  You need to go ride trails at Honda Valley ASAP though!

Anneke's new teammate : Martin Maes
Anneke’s new teammate : Martin Maes

MTB-MAG: Who would you say is a going to be a sick up and comer in the EWS?

Anneke: Hmmmm that’s a tough one.  I would have to say Martin Maes.  He was showing it now and then throughout last year, but he’s up for a breakthrough this year.  He’s been putting in the training and looking really fit.  He has different people around him now so hopefully we can push him to some more podiums.




MTB-MAG: Thanks for chatting with us Anneke and best of luck this season!


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