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The 2015 bike racing season is almost upon us. This year will be the second year of racing for the European Enduro Series. With the loss of Superenduro for 2015, the potential for the EES to grow more is huge. We spoke to Georgy Grogger, the boss of the series, when he was trail hunting in Punta Ala, Tuscany, the location for Round 1 of the series in 2015.

Enduro has really become fixed as the big discipline in MTB now, how many riders have moved over from XC to Enduro?


Good times for Enduro, and a good question. I think most people come from DH mentality.

The EES is about making a big European circuit, what’s the dream for you this year?

That everything will work out a planned. The riders should see some of the best European Enduro destinations of the continent.

With the problems that have taken Superenduro, what risks are there for the EES?

Of course there are risks, but we focus on the chances of the ees.

How much influence have you had from the UCI?

Only the rulebook.

With the first race of the year in Punta Ala, how do you select locations for racing?

For me there are only three important things about a race: the trails, the trails and the trails.

You are obviously a rider, is it really important to try tracks and how do you select a track?

I feel responsible for what we offer our participants. So I have to check the trails, to make sure that they are good. The only way to find out is to try them.

How do you see Enduro developing over the next years: will the UCI grab hold of it?

100% sure. The UCI is the world cycling federation, Enduro is a cycling discipline, there will be a world cup and world championships, no doubt. If this good or not will be depending on who is involved. I personally hope that Chris is returning to his old job.

Do sponsors prefer UCI or non UCI control?

Sponsors like good media coverage.

Georgy, the organiser from Trail Solutions, is an avid mountain biker.
Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy, will be the location of the first race.

Who will be the stand out riders this year on the EES?

The EES is meant to be something like a feeding league for the EWS. So it will be the new riders that will show there potential and draw attention to their performance.

What will the average race length be on an EES and why?

The EES will stick to the two day event format. We will be accessible for weekend warriors. According to that we have a suitable round at every stop. I don’t like the idea of punishing my participants. The best rider will win, not the fittest. But without fitness not even the best rider will win.

Who will be the champion in 2015?

The rider that had the most fun is the real winner!

Thanks Georgy Enjoy the trails…

ees_trails check
The first tests for selecting the trails for 2015 are taking place in Punta Ala Italy. Also in the frame third from left, is Marco Tiberi, one of the principle trail designers that have created some of the world class Enduro trails in Italy.
This is Enduro, what type of trails are coming this year?

European Enduro Series 2015 Race Calendar

25./26.04.2015 #1 Punta Ala (ITA)
04./05.07.2015 #2 Sölden (AUT)
25./26.07.2015 #3 Reschenpass (ITA/AUT/SUI)
05./06.09.2015 #4 Molveno-Paganella (ITA)
17./18.10.2015 #5 Málaga (ESP)

Series Site: European Enduro Series

First Race Starts Here: Punta Ala

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