[Video And Photos] European Enduro Series, Prologue


The tension has been released a bit as the racers at the first round of the European Enduro Series in Punta Ala, Italy get a taste for the race tracks on the prologue. Racing commences at 9.00am Sunday.



The idea of the prologue stage is to get the riders warmed up, the stage is usually very short fairly easy and the time differences are seconds only, sometimes it gives an idea how riders are gong to perform, sometimes it’s just a rough idea… in Enduro anything can happen.

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Full Results Here

Preliminary results suggest that Michal Prokop is feeling confident.

Video: Prologue Quick Look



The paddock is a relaxed place, no pressure today.


At the riders meeting the day before, it was explained how riders need to be self sufficient.


The start of the prologue


This is the first bike down the first race track in 2015


Punta Ala from the start, the temperature and weather was perfect.


The trail was easy going and fun. Tomorrow will be a different story.


We are not sure if this helps passing the line quicker.


Crusing back to the pits, at Punta Ala Trail Center.


The pits are right here, most of the riders took the opportunity to enjoy the beach and water.


Professional rider Max Schuman tries to understand if the color of his towel is right for the camera after a swim.


The riders get their times scanned.




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