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The XC Worldcup will start very late this year, giving the pros lots of time to test their shape in smaller races, like this one, held in Tesserete, Switzerland, the second stop of the BMC Cup 2015. The starter field was filled by big names, and the technical track became really challenging after the rain started falling on Saturday. World Champion Julien Absalon, Ralph Näf and Manuel Fumic were only some of the strong riders who raced today. The men got lucky, because the rain stopped falling half an hour before their start. This didn’t mean the track would dry up.



The women had to race under the rain, but Jolanda Neff had no problem to finish first ahead of Esther Süss and Sabine Spitz.


World champion Kalentyeva finished fourth.

toniolo-tesserete_003 toniolo-tesserete_004

Absalon had some technical problems already from the first lap: his Di2 rear wasn’t working properly, as the French champion says:

toniolo-tesserete_005 toniolo-tesserete_006 toniolo-tesserete_007 toniolo-tesserete_008

It was steep, muddy and rooty. Gnarly.

toniolo-tesserete_009 toniolo-tesserete_010

Until Friday this was a sweet technical track.


Ralph Näf took the leadership from the first lap on, riding well in the difficult downhills.


Lars Forster managed to stay in front of Manuel Fumic only for two laps.

toniolo-tesserete_013 toniolo-tesserete_014

Behind them lots of riders were struggling.

toniolo-tesserete_015 toniolo-tesserete_016 toniolo-tesserete_017 toniolo-tesserete_018 toniolo-tesserete_019 toniolo-tesserete_021 toniolo-tesserete_022 toniolo-tesserete_023 toniolo-tesserete_024 toniolo-tesserete_025 toniolo-tesserete_026 toniolo-tesserete_027

Probably the most technical spot: a tricky rock, wet and covered with mud.

toniolo-tesserete_029 toniolo-tesserete_030 toniolo-tesserete_031 toniolo-tesserete_032

It’s a matter of style!

toniolo-tesserete_033 toniolo-tesserete_034

An enduro bike would have probably ben the best choice for this part of the track.

toniolo-tesserete_036 toniolo-tesserete_037

Anyway, the Swiss Army was ready for rescue.


The first guys again, from another angle. It was a pleasure watching them.

toniolo-tesserete_039 toniolo-tesserete_040 toniolo-tesserete_041

Forster probably didn’t think so during the fourth lap. Take a look at his rear wheel.


He struggled to get back in saddle.

toniolo-tesserete_043 toniolo-tesserete_044 toniolo-tesserete_045

Näf for the win. Take a closer look at his new BMC Impec.


Manuel Fumic wasn’t too happy about his second place.


Forster finished third and plays Fontana. Marco should have been here, but he had to stay home because of a stomach virus.

toniolo-tesserete_050 toniolo-tesserete_048 toniolo-tesserete_049



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